Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kayleigh MacFarlane

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Class Year: 2009
Major(s): Bio-Chemistry
Interests/Activities: I love acting in plays, painting, and going hiking.

If you could have your picture taken anywhere in the UK where would it be?
- If I could have my picture anywhere I would have it taken on the stage of the Globe theatre or in the area of Scotland where my family comes from.


Darin & Kathy said...

We hope you and Heather have a grand time. Act well your part!
Loch Sloy!
Mom & Dad

Emily said...

Hey. Here's to hoping that you guys have a fabulous time on your trip. I hope you guys do everything and have the time of your lives... Oh, and keep that crazy Heather under control. Love ya!

Darin & Kathy said...

It is 85 degrees here today. I hope you and Heather are not jet lagged. Let us know how you 2 are.
Everybody is asking if you got there safe. How did you and Heather like the flight? Did they feed you? Did you get Haggis or Bangers or chips on the flight?
Miss you
love mom & dad

Nana and Papa said...

Hi from Nana and Papa
Miss you a lot can't wait until you are back here. I know you are having a great time, I hope you brought a camera. We are chilly today, the high 46 and raining ugh.
see you you