Monday, May 21, 2007

Changing of the Guards

The Royal Marching Band 2
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While at Windsor Castle we were able to see a smaller scale of the Changing of the Guards. The Royal marching band led the way, followed by the soldiers. After much ceremony, the band lightened the mood by playing an arrangement of 'We are the Champions' by the group Queen. The Changing of the Guards then continued with more traditional music.

After the ceremony we met up with Prof. Wolfe and had lunch at a lovely little pub. Then, we were free for the rest of the afternoon. Some went and walked to Eton College - Britain's most famous "public" school. (In England, "public" schools are what we consider Private schools.) After visiting Eton, or whatever activity they chose, the students headed back to the dorms for the night.

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Barbara said...

How exciting seeing the changing of the guards, even on a smaller scale. It sounds like all of you are enjoying yourselves. I have very much enjoyed reading the blog, and seeing the pictures, you are doing a great job. Have fun!
(Nancy's Mom)